Hello, I'm Lijing.

I'm a 3rd year Computer Science student at the University of Edinburgh. I'm passionate about programming and hacking.

A CTF Platform

A CTF Platform based on Laravel framework and use docker to deploy. Used for 3 CTF Games and was highly praised for it's appearance and reliability.

Xueban: A student helper App

A helper app for students. It's popular in DLUT.


A wooyun like vulnerability submit platform for DLUT.


A LBS Scrabble game. Try to get them all!

My Skill Set

Programming Language

Expertise in Python ,Familiar with PHP, C++, HTML, CSS, JavaScript


I have taken part in many CTF games and have won many prizes.

I'm familiar with exploiting and fixing OWASP top 10 vulnerabilities.


Familiar with web development and mainstream MVC frameworks.

Done 4 projects with Laravel and Bootstrap, 3 with Flask and Angular.

Server Management

Ubuntu (daily use) , CentOS (use in most of my VPSs)